Why and How to Write a Personal Learning Plan

So I had an assignment in my leadership class to write a personal learning plan (PLP). Since I consider myself an autodidact, or self-directed, lifelong learner, I thought, what a delicious opportunity to write about the process.

What I did not realize was how much potential depth could be found in that assignment. While researching and writing my PLP, I found a multitude of relevant sites, as well getting turned on to a number of ideas that I either had not realized or had forgotten.  (As an aside, it is frightful how many things get lost in the process of learning. As more stuff gets crammed into your brain, some information is misplaced, only to suddenly pop up months or years later when some seemingly random event triggers a "memory" that is apparently connected to the "lost" facts and ideas. Strange stuff, memory.)

I will post more soon, including a list of relevant links that I found useful in the process of creating my PLP. Until then, sleep well.

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