Instant Gratification

Who doesn't want that?! But I believe that many of the problems of the Western World are due to the desire for instant gratification. Crime is often spurred simply by an uncontrolled urge to possess something that you don't have, up to and including power. The uncontrolled urge for power is an inherent weakness--even evil knows that gratification cannot always be instant!

Patience is a virtue; I need some NOW!

Here is the deal: children really need to be taught to delay their gratification. Seriously. Because I hate it when I see adults that never learned. Respecting others requires a delay of gratification as well at times. This will benefit you as well, in the long run. For example, you probably should not walk up to a complete stranger, grab them by the hand, serenade them with a love song, then ask for their hand in marriage. Um, bizzare! (although oddly entertaining as a possibility)

Remember "Good things come to those who wait" (Unknown author, English origin)

Well, it is true, but having a positive mindset definitely pays off too! You have to believe that those good things are coming, and work toward removing obstacles to their arrival! Maybe there should be a class in schools on how to plan/manage one's life. It should be required! Learn how to make goals, then set up practical steps to their achievement. Yeah, that's the ticket! Most teenagers today don't know what they want to do, where they want to be in life, much less how to get there.

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Well, enough specific randomosity for one day...

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