More about Personal Learning Plans and Relevant Links

Hi again. When I last posted, I promised to continue my Personal Learning Plan discussion. In particular, I wanted to make sure that I included the list of helpful links for those who want further information.

First of all, remember than a personal learning plan is a guideline that can grow and change. I think that it might be easier to understand its purpose if you think of it as goals and how to reach them. The goals have to be specific enough to have a measurable outcome, or else one may not be able to know when or even whether the learning plan has been completed. 

Recommended links to get you started or stir the imagination in the right direction anyway:

How-To 2: Write a Personal Learning Plan | The Edupunks' Guide

How to Learn Anything | UnCollegeUnCollege

The last one is particularly useful if you have a business mindset, or if you are working on a PLP within the context of your job.

An article that I read awhile ago now is clamoring for attention (in my mind). It is about making 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. Here are a few links to information about this idea:

The last link is to a site that is something like a social network for people who love to make lists... I gather from perusing the site that people make and post lists to share with others, often including photographs, and that the 101 goals in 1001 days meme may have been the original list that started it all. It all looks like fun.... I may join.

On any account, I must be off, since I have places to to go and people to see. It's Summerfest on the Rio Grande time, and I have promised to go watch some kids I know belly dancing...

Until next time, happy random thoughts!

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