The Surprise Factor

Common advice for dealing with life usually goes something like, "Be positive, expect good things, and good things will happen."

For some inexplicable reason, I have long rejected this dogma. I am not entirely negative, no, but I find that if I expect the worst, then I am better prepared to deal with it should it happen. Then, if something better should happen, I can be quite pleased indeed. I guess it is an exaggeration to say that I expect the worst. Generally, I do not actually expect the worst, but I do think about the negative possibilities of occurrence that might happen. It is a sort of "What If?" game.

Life is not entirely predictable, either on the positive or negative side. Sure, your actions are a factor in the outcome. But variables exist that we have little or no control over. So, doesn't it make sense to "estimate" the possible answers, like filling possible values for a variable to see the range of potential results? If only I could know the entire formula in advance, and all the possible factors to consider! A mathematical solution to life...the idea is a little creepy, yet entirely intriguing, all the same.

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