Success and Serenity

When I was a child, I read avidly, every book I could. I consumed so many volumes of every possible type that I was teased as being a know-it-all. I was, in fact, a genius by strict definition (IQ tests). Sadly, this is not an instant path to serenity or success. Knowledge may be power, but uncertainty does not cultivate success with any frequency.Nor does it necessarily foster a peaceful soul.

Solitude may provide answers that are heretofore unknown. It is a type of thinking that cannot be done while in company of others. At least I cannot! I think that is why reading, gardening, drawing, cooking, writing, and other mostly solitary activities are the most relaxing to me. These days, life moves at a fast pace, and I find myself pulled anxiously along, away from my thoughts. Success is sought, but serenity is lost, which perhaps in the long run is the reason why success is elusive.

I read a blog a while back that explained how and why some people are afraid of succeeding. I hope that I am not one. I looked for the original blog that I read (probably over a year ago). While I did not find the one I read before, I found that it is a common theme for blogs!(Examples: , , )There seems to be a great number of people who suffer from fear of success. Defining success for one's self is like planting the seeds, and then the process of cultivation begins. I am growing braver in the face of my potential, but I think that this time around I will slow down and cultivate success, through a bit more time spent focusing on my own inner tranquility.

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