Enchanted by Intuition

Creativity happens. It has a tendency to happen more to those who are open, whose minds stretch to accomodate the unusual, the different, and the antithesis of your usual thinking. That is not to say that creativity is always a random event, showing up only in certain instances for certain people. Although creative processes can be learned, many people do not realize that creativity is not just a product of artistic endeavors. The reverse is more how I perceive the matter: The artistic endeavors are actually the product of creativity. In actuality, the basis of creativity is thought.

It is not just thinking about new styles or methods for creating something tangible, like a sculpture or a poem. Great scientists in history always have encountered new ideas through creative thought. Whether thinking about a solution to some major world issue, or theorizing about the natural order of things, thinkers who use a creative process may feel the synaptic connections forming. So, although it may be a physical creation (new pathways in the brain), it is not entirely tangible.

Okay, before this post gets any more confusing (even I am starting to lose my sense of direction), I will get to the point! Intuition is the result of creative, almost subconscious thought processes. When my subconscious mind takes over, so to speak, I often find myself enchanted by intuition. And when the processes overflow, I am ebullient and feel the need to write. I think that this may be my most random posting yet. Not so much random as rambling... Ah, well. That is true stream-of-consciousness, I suppose!

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