Out of Focus and On a Tangent

I am wondering if lack of focus is a failing or a gift. It does create problems, including the inability to get things done on schedule at times. But hey, the tangents tend to lead to creativity and greater depths of understanding when I allow myself the freedom to indulge them.

There are a number of educational philosophers whose works hinge on this principle. Among others, John Holt (How Children Learn, Why Johnny Can't Read) believed that children learned quite naturally until they were forced to do so. I would love to be able to educate myself, and in fact I do, but I often don't have time to work on my self-education due to the demands of my schooling.

The schooling is a necessary evil, so to speak, since that piece of paper is required by many jobs. Also, financial assistance for schooling is generally only available to those who attend colleges and universities. So, since I am not independently wealthy, nor possessed of a sufficient job to provide all I need while I pursue my personal learning experience...well then, that is the reason I must go the official route to "education." Meanwhile, I am plagued by tangents and lack of focus--highly symptomatic of randomosity.

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