New Direction...Re-inventing my Blog, and Hopefully Myself!

So. Lately I have been thinking a good bit about the value of time versus the value of money. Some people don't realize that how they spend their time is the way they define themselves. I currently work full time in a job I don't necessarily hate but one for which I certainly have no love. I look around and see people whom I admire, such as Gretchen Rubin, or Michelle DeSpain, and I feel that there is a need to seek meaning and/or direction in my work life. Ideally, I would like to be able to create content that people find useful or enlightening. Since my degree of enlightenment is broad but vague--well, I guess my next best plan is to create helpful content!

I like to be inspired, and would love to be able to inspire others as well. Also, I like blogs about food and cooking, and alternative lifestyles such as travelling around the world while blogging. Inspiration often comes from the About pages. I feel that I should be living a more genuine life, reaching for my dreams or just living passionately. My teen-aged daughters seem to think I'm going through a midlife crisis...! Well, so what if I am? Crisis leads to resolution, one might hope, and progress is better than stagnation. Even failure is a form of growth, since its the only way to learn from your mistakes and build on experience. 

Well, that is the gist of my ramblings today. I have decided to re-invent this blog, and now I am working on determining my new direction. Randomosity was nice for a time, and due to the mildly (or moderately) meandering nature of my brain, a bit of randomness might remain. Now I'm a poet...! Anyway, the new blog needs a name and a focus, and I am determined to keep posting this time!

What kinds of topics do you tend to follow on blogs?

Thanks for your input!

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  1. I feel like I lack the energy for inspiration to carry on my blog. I changed my name to write about things I have read in books only too not do anything with this blog. You're always an inspiration to me because of ...well how smart you are. I enjoy everything that is written and I wish I could bring myself to better habits in writing. good luck and I hope many read your stuff.