What is Randomosity?

If you have ever felt weird, different, or completely certain that you were crazy, you probably already know about randomosity. Randomosity is stream-of-consciousness in thought, words, and actions. Most of us are quite capable of controlling our actions and words, if we so choose. The question is, why do we choose? To avoid conflict with the law or other authorities? Okay, that is relatively valid, in my book. Yes, I will control my actions and words in these circumstances, unless there is extreme duress. However, where do we draw the line? Why do we so often hold back our words and actions, simply because we are afraid of being thought weird, different, or crazy? Sociocultural norms and fear of rejection are powerful motivators, I regret to say.

I feel the urge to promote more randomosity...maybe we need a special day or week to raise awareness! Well, why not? Perhaps, randomosity is not just actions and words produced at random. Maybe they are really cues produced by the subconscious mind, which are leading ultimately to our destiny. Harmony with destiny or harmony with sociocultural norms? You choose.