Gray Area and Thinking "Too Much"

Does your mind keep questioning long after you reach a decision? Do you spend hours thinking and re-thinking your stand on issues? If you ever find yourself standing with a foot on either side of the line between choices or beliefs, then you are dealing with the gray area. Some people, (i.e., me) find the world to be full of questions, for which, upon finding answers, more questions than ever are created. Perhaps this is more common than I previously thought. I know I am not alone in this labyrinth of endless thinking. However, there are certainly those who cannot accept this behavior, which appears irresolute and wishy-washy to their eyes.

 "You think too much!" "There is only one best answer/way/belief/choice!" ...and so on. Well, I am here to say, "I cannot agree, at least not entirely..."

So how do I proceed from this gray area to action? The main problem with a sea of gray area, as I see it, is accepting the gray area, yet having a basic thesis of your own ideology to provide foundation for one's day-to-day life. Randomosity, for example, builds on my foundation of keeping an open mind and heart.

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